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5 Point Mission

Eliminate Debt. Financial Equality. Project Development. Crypto Currency Inclusion. Security.


The International Crypto Regulatory Fund exist on the fundamental precepts known as our 5 point lotus. 

1. Debt Elimination. As ambitious as this sounds the ICRF has the strategy and power within its organization that allows for the dreamy idea to become a reality. The ICRF is dedicated to solving the "slavery crises" that has perpetuated itself in many 3rd world countries.

2. Financial Equality. Unlike many world organizations that loan out money and raise the debt ceiling of nations, the ICRF does the exact opposite by providing financial solutions to give equal opportunity for country wide growth. 

3. Project Development. Our dedicated team of project developers research the most needed projects in impoverished countries and create a full road map from ideas to implementation. Each project agreed upon by our board of governors is immediately funded loan free.

4. Crypto Currency Inclusion. We hold a firm belief that the future is crypto and crypto is the future. Seen as a gift in our generation, we believe that crypto currency is the great equalizer and the great reset. In all of our endeavors we want to change the mindsets regarding crypto currency and it's impact in our world.

5. Security. Security by means of blockchain is what we provide to industries, financial sectors and governments. Our experienced team of IT specialist create a tailor made solution for each client contracted with us.

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